After moving to a new server, we have decided to perform a rebuild.

Old content will be re-added, and new material will appear.

NOTE: My course pages (anything from the Moodle installation [/cs17/...]) has been retired and permanently deleted. It's been closed for years anyway...

Please be patient, we will get there.

  • UPDATE #3 - 2022 December 14
    • Working on my site has been low priority since retiring, hence the long delay.
    • It's now a hobby, not used for teaching or my business.
    • Projects from the past year will be posted in the coming month or so including:
      • Cabin bathroom remodel.
      • Router Table
      • Flip tool stand (Planer & Oscillating Sander)
      • New style out feed table for a new table saw
  • UPDATE #2 - 2021 November 20
    • The Free Software links have been fully restored and updated. More may be added by the end of the year.
    • Most of the travel sections have been restored/updated.
    • The woodworking section is mostly updated.
    • We will shortly begin working on the styling of the site. (Wanted to get the content restored first.)
  • UPDATE #1 - 2021 November 11:
    • Most of the Free Software links have been restored, though some still need to be redone.
    • A few of the travel sections are posted. Many more have been reconstructed, but are pending posting.