In the programming classes, programming assignments will be placed in a 'zipped' folder prior to upload. The process of zipping will compress the files, and combine multiple files into a single folder that is uploaded as a single file. This will make the process of turning in work simpler since each java or visual C++ project creates multiple files, and leaving one behind can cause the project to fail.

Other classes may also have a need to create a compressed folder of several files, or an entire folder. 

On each new assignment, create a new folder for that project, and I suggest that you use the name of the project so that as the semester progresses, it will be simpler to locate the project you want.

Below is a basic set of instructions for zipping the projects:


First, navigate  to the folder that contains the project and select the files. If you're compressing an entire folder, select the folder

Select Files or folders

 Right click on a selected file/folder, and choose 7-Zip > Add to Archive...

Select Add to Archive


On the next window, give the compressed folder a name (see the naming convention elsewhere in the FAQs).

Normally, the Archive format should be zip. Be sure to save it to a known location.


 This will create a new, compressed file at the location you specified. This may now be uploaded like any standard file subject to the same size limitations.


You should then save this file to your Google account in addition to uploading it to the assignment.