Where is / who hosts the site?

This site is hosted by a commercial hosting service. I spend enough time on dealing with site maintenance, and don't have an interest in dealing with the additional problems associated with maintaining my own web server which include, but are not limited to: security issues (updating, firewall, DOS attacks, etc.), maintenance (updating, upgrades, etc.), hardware issues, and backups. Instead, for me, I would rather pay monthly for someone else to take care of these issues so I may spend time on other things I like better.

Since 1990 I have used four hosting services: The first I left to gain more flexibility. The second started having stability issues. This site is hosted on the third service I have used. The fourth is for an unrelated site, which brings us to the last point.

If you are looking for a hosting service, there are thousands of hosting companies. The plans, and services vary greatly. You need to determine what will fit you best because what works for one site, may not work well for another.